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Why International Education so Popular

Every year thousands of students leave India to go abroad and study. According to the QS World
ranking India is second to China for having their students pursue their higher education
worldwide. This is largely because 50% of our population comprises of youngsters. We at
U2CAN, Trichy can help you persuade your dreams of getting an International Degree with ease.
Now let’s look at some reasons why students prefer International degree over an Indian degree:

1. It gives you an International experience and an edge over the Indian counterparts. The
degree demonstrates that you have been able to thrive and succeed outside your comfort

2. Studying abroad gives one a huge exposure to varied culture, ethos, philosophy, values,
principles, lifestyle, habits and way of life. It opens up various faculties and helps one to
form new opinions. You can try doing new activities, sports or hobbies which you may
never get an opportunity to do in India. That itself boosts your confidence level.

3. The ease of admission is one of the main reasons why students want to study abroad. The
competition level for getting into the coveted universities in India is too high. Lakhs of
youngsters struggling to get through few thousand seats through highly rigorous entrance
tests. High cut-offs and no guaranteed admission forces students to look at the education
abroad options.

4. There is a rich variety of courses available to international students in countries like the
US, UK, and Canada. Schools in these countries offer courses in some of the most
contemporary and unconventional fields like entertainment, sports, and psychology. For
example, a student who wants to study filmmaking in India has fewer film academies or
schools to choose from and may end up with just a diploma. Whereas the same student
can pursue a fully accredited Bachelor’s Degree and study filmmaking in greater depth if
the course is pursued abroad.

In India, it is mostly the STEM (Science technology engineering mathematics) courses
that are more popular. The students who would like to take road less travelled find it
difficult to get their desired unconventional programs. The options are unlimited in
STEM as well as non-STEM field for students.

At U2CAN we can guide you with the right courses and universities that will assist you
in reaching your dream destination.

5. The quality of education is very high internationally. The schools abroad engage students
in active learning through class participation, dialogue exchange, case studies, and
practical off- and on-campus experiences that make learning fun and meaningful. In
addition, flexibility to tailor courses to a student’s interest and the freedom to work on a
part-time basis while studying adds to the overall appeal of earning a degree abroad.
International students are largely benefitted by their strong culture of innovation and
technology, access to technologically savvy labs and other research facilities.

6. Many International schools and colleges are universally recognized. This definitely gives
an edge to the students in finding good placements after the completion of their
education. The conceptual understanding and practical application of skills gives an edge
to the students over Indian students, who go through the rote learning method for
remembering. To top it all the students become a part of the internationally distinguished

7. Studying abroad is a fantastic pathway to International immigration. The top reason
behind an International education is to settle abroad. So education is a smoother route to
reaching the desired destination.

8. Finally, even if the student wants to return home and work in India, the opportunities are
available in bounty. This is because Companies consider international exposure an
important factor when making decisions about which applicant to hire.

Once the basic requirements like the English tests are met by the students they can start planning
for their process. IELTS exam is one test which acts as a pathway to most of the popular
international education destinations.

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