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Why English is the need for Hour

Why English is a necessary language to learn?

In the era of globalization, English has become one of the international languages which is used for communication purposes. It is not only used to communicate amongst persons from the same state, but also across nations that speak different languages. Today, English has become an integral part of Indian life. In India English serves in two ways, it is used as a preferred first language of communication amongst many Indians and also serves as a second language for those who speak multiple languages ​​in India. English serves as a bond that helps bring together multiple segments of Indian society and serves as a linguistic bridge between major countries around the world.

       3 Reasons to learn English
  • English is a global language :
    1. Almost everyone speaks the English language, it is the most extensively used language since it is spoken in more nations than any other. It helps us to communicate with any person across the world. More than 160 countries and 1 million people speak English. Learning English is vital because it allows you to effortlessly communicate with your fellow global citizens.

  • English makes travel easy:
    1. It is understood that if you travel to a nation where you don’t know the language, you will almost certainly discover someone who understands at least some English. People consider English to be crucial for their enterprises in many of the sites you will visit.
    2. They must be able to communicate in English with potential clients and consumers.
  • English brings you opportunities:
    1. Given the language’s prominence, English language classes will be advantageous to you if you want to work for a global firm and will give you the communication skills needed to network with professionals in your area or enhance your career. Many multinational companies prefer English as their medium of communication. You may be well-prepared for interviews with any major, worldwide company by studying English. And, thankfully, there are several tools available to help you prepare for your English interview.

    5 Tips to learn English

  •  Consistent learning :
    1. The only way to master something is consistent learning. As the famous saying goes “The key to success is consistency,” it’s the only way to learn. Whether you’ve got ten minutes or a minute to practice English, there is a vast range of learning tools available to help you advance and enhance your language abilities. With interactive exercises and worksheets, all of the activities on the many English learning website are designed for self-study to supplement your learning.
  • Learn grammar :
    1. By learning and rehearsing the grammar, you will raise your fluency & comfort in speaking English and enhance your overall language skills. Grammar rules can assist learners to establish the habit of thinking rationally and clearly.
  • Enhancing the necessary skill sets :
    • When it comes to learning a language, Reading, Writing, and Listening are three necessary sets of skills one should focus on. These three skills are interdependent, one cannot function without another. Hearing, Speaking, written language, and reading all have a basic and reciprocal link. Reading and writing are initially based on spoken language abilities. Reading can help you with fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills whereas in the listening part you tend to understand how people are speaking words and framing sentences while in the writing part we use the skills we have learned in the previous sets to form a sentence. So enhancing the necessary skill set is important.
  • Use English in day-to-day life :
    • Make English part of your daily life even if you are not living in any English-speaking country. Make a diary, read journals, list to radio or podcasts or make a grocery list in English. Similarly, find ways to incorporate English into daily life. A small add-on can make a huge difference in the future if one has consistency.

  • Trust the process :
    1. When we try to learn something from scratch over a long period of time, we hit a saturation point where self-doubts, and anxiety occurs. So instead of thinking of a result that bothers us when we start thinking about the process which is learning little things daily can make a significant impact on us. One important benefit that you can get if you trust the process is an increment in self-confidence.


    Sources to learn English

With so much actual English available online these days, from movies to articles, podcasts to blogs, there’s no
reason not to use it to help you better. Since there are a wide range of portals to help you develop your English
skill, picking the correct one is a difficult task. The necessity to learn English and the number of institutions to
provide that platform has rapidly increased.

  • There are plenty of methods to learn English either offline or online English class. Amidst many money-conscious institutions, there are very few institutions that help students to come out of their intimidating zone, encourage them to make mistakes, rectifying that by bringing self-realization. We at Trichy Plus found a novel way to teach English to students and have been constantly engaging in that for the past 22 years. With our highly experienced faculty and own course design, we engage students to perform in different aspects like writing, speaking, listening, etc…
  • Speak Good English (SGE) is our spoken English program focused on Transforming the minds of students and society. Our way of teaching begins with English basic class slowly paced towards advanced concepts. Apart from engaging students in academic activity, we also provide accent training and engage in group activities like skits, debates, etc…Apart from spoken English classes we also provide IELTS/Abroad education/GATE/CAT/CLAT/Bank/RRB, etc…

link: https://youtu.be/8cKkGWMRa-A

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