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Watch ‘EAT FAST DIE YOUNG’ Documentary Film

Documentary Film - Eat Fast Die Young

Documentary Film

First time ever, a drama in real life. A daring experiment by an eighteen-year-old girl.

Sagarikka the author of the best-selling book ‘My Unskooled Year’ is a very conscientious girl with the right food habits. She is a fitness freak and had been crying from pillar to post telling her ‘junk loving’ friends to put a stop to it. Her cries fell on deaf ears as her class-mates and friends continued to empty their pockets and fill their stomachs with junk.

Wanting to make an impact on society, Sagarikka decided to take a daring step. She lived on junk for 30 days – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To make people aware of the dangers of junk food and how it affects our biochemistry.

The results were shocking and disturbing. On the 31st day due to sheer willpower, she was able to revert to her good habits.

She is now on a mission to share the dangerous effects of junk food on the lives of millions. Join her in this movement by living and sharing the message in the documentary ‘EAT FAST DIE YOUNG’.

Listen to the voices of dozens of experts. Live through the poignant tale of a youngster who succumbed to junk food and died of a massive cardiac arrest.

Take a pledge to not let anybody take your life for granted.

The documentary is in Tamil with English subtitles.

Click on the link to read the articles in media about the documentary:



Contact Sagarikka on social media or sagarikka.sathya@gmail.com


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