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MAT Exam Could be Your Pathway to Success

What is common to Manoj Gaur of Jai Prakash Associates, R A Shankanarayanan who heads Vijaya Bank, Vinay Shah who heads LIC Housing Finance, Umang Vohra who heads CIPLA, Mohit Talwar who heads MAX Financials services, Melwin Oswald who heads Syndicate Bankand Rakesh Sharma who heads Canara Bank?

Take a guess!

None of them are from any of the Top Business Schools in India, though these are honchos of the leading organizations in the country. Incidentally Vinay Shah is from Luknow University, Umang Vohra from TAPMI and Mohit Talwar from Oberoi School.

This list can go on and on. We can add some more examples like Ravi Krishnan Takkar who heads UCO Bank and did his MBA from NIBM Pune. Isn’t it a myth that an IIM, an FMS or an XLRI is your passport t success in the business world?

For those who have a strong dream, an MBA through any of the leading MAT schools could catapult you to success. Away from the dog eat dog IIMs who slog 22 hours of the day and have intense competition and could even back stab each other on the road to success.
You could choose a bright and ebullient MAT B School where you could have the camaraderie of students who want to connect with each other through the power of synergy and build powerful teams.

Throughout my stint in Trichy Plus where we have been providing the best MBA Entrance and the best MAT coaching classes, I have been asking students to choose these kind of colleges judiciously. These MAT colleges give you sufficient space to discover yourself, grow at your own pace,, build a rapport with the faculty, work together with transparent individuals who could create great start-ups in the future, interface with industries, connect with business leaders and deep dive into case-studies.

To sum it up, give your best shot at MAT B Schools. Those 2 years could help you come to limelight. Ultimately, the top businessmen of Tamil Nadu – the Idhayam Muthus, the Aachi Masalas, Pothys, Saravanas, C K Kumaravel Naturals, Matrimony Murugavel and Thyrocare Velumani never made it to the IIMs.

Thank God for that!

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