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Everything you need to know about CAT

Everything about CAT Exam


The Common Admission Test (CAT) is India’s most prominent national-level entrance test, allowing candidates to get admission to India’s best management colleges. The exam is divided into three parts: verbal ability and reading comprehension, data interpretation and logical reasoning, and quantitative ability. The exam is completed online in three hours, one hour for each component.

How to prepare for CAT Exam?

Working hard isn’t the only way to crack the Common Admission Test (CAT), there are plenty of smart ways to crack the exam.

  • Understand the syllabus pattern and give importance to the section in which you feel very much confident.
  • Knowing your skills and shortcomings is the first step in preparing for the CAT exam. When you understand this, your self-preparation will be more purposeful and you’ll get a natural consequence.
  • Doing multiple mock tests and improving the calculating time comes in handy while writing exams, improving the calculation speed will help you to save a lot of time during examinations.
  • Allotting time equally during examinations is the difficult part, while doing mock tests try to allot time for each section and try to complete those sections within the time range.
  • Don’t take too much time in verbal ability and reading comprehension sessions because if you take too much time in that session it will be tough for you to concentrate on other sessions.
  • Logical reasoning needs more practice, so practice as many problems as you want before taking the exam. Logical reasoning problem books can help you to understand the section better and you’ll have an overall idea about the Problems which are asked in that section.
  • The best way to prepare for the quantitative analysis section is to memorize or write down the formula which you have studied. Solving previous year’s question papers and solving as many mathematical problems as you want will helps you during examinations. By solving problems, the formulas and theories will imprint in our minds. Use mnemonics or write down the important formula or concepts, before going to the examination just read it at a glance and go write your examination.


 Which type of CAT coaching is best?

When it comes to any competitive examinations, the mode of learning is important whether it is online or offline. Depending on the mode the perks differ. For instance, if the mode of teaching is offline interacting with the tutor is effective and the offline way of teaching would be less distractive compared to online. When it comes to timing, an online mode of teaching would be better, students can save plenty of time in traveling, so students can use the saved up time for revising or learning purposes. Offline mode of learning has one huge advantage compared to online is the interaction with the tutor, students can ask questions freely and they can clear their doubts as soon as they have.

Offline teaching is like old classic pedagogy. By carefully revising the perks and disadvantages of both online and offline, one can say both online/offline would be more effective. We at Trichy Plus provide quality coaching for the CAT entrance exam. We at Trichy plus provide both online and offline classes. With our highly qualified faculties and aptitude experts, we give you more mocks and mentally prepare you to face any aptitude problems.

                                               Trichy Plus CAT Students Discussion

The CAT test is one of the most difficult in the country since there is no predefined syllabus or exam structure. As a result, applicants usually need clarification since the CAT pattern varies frequently.  To perform well in the CAT exam, one must first comprehend the primary aspects and components of the CAT exam. One should also be informed of the concerns that will be raised. Otherwise, one would need to figure out where to start or how to collect research materials for your thesis. The CAT exam is mainly focused on three sections

  • Quantitative Ability.
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension.
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning.

Why is a coaching center is best for the CAT exam?

Self-study may seem the best option for preparing for any competitive examination but it comes to an end. If you choose self-study, you have to deal with many aspects like the exam syllabus, choosing the correct book to study, having confusion between which section one has to focus and many more. One of the most important perks of going to a coaching center is “You’ll be under expert guidance”, another important advantage of attending a coaching class is connecting with students with similar interests. In a coaching center, the expertise will make you understand how the syllabus pattern works in the CAT exam and they’ll analyze you and train you according to that. In this method of teaching, if one has any doubts, they can able to clarify it. Expert help is essential to learn the abilities needed to pass the CAT on the first try. If you take the CAT for the first time, professional help will be invaluable in evaluating the preparation course structure and talents you will surely need to pass CAT. During CAT coaching sessions, you will be advised on what to study and how to study. So, going to a coaching center for CAT is invaluable. In Trichy plus, we have well-trained faculty who’ll help the student to crack the CAT exam,

visit: https://trichyplus.com/courses/cat-coaching/  for more detail.


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