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Elements of GATE Online Coaching

GATE online coaching


3Eligibility for GATE Exam 
4Why GATE online course is best for GATE preparation? 
5Which is the best gate online coaching institute in Trichy? 
6How to prepare for GATE Exam by GATE Online Course? 
7Importance of GATE Online Test series? 
9How to prepare for GATE Mechanical engineering? 
10How to prepare for GATE Civil engineering? 
11How to prepare for GATE Electrical engineering? 
12How to prepare for GATE Electronics engineering? 
13How to prepare for GATE Exam for Computer Science Engineering? 

Gate Blog


GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the comprehensive exams to test the engineering mathematics, verbal ability and subject on the particular fields for the engineering students chosen. This is a national level exam conducted by the 7 IITs.

The purpose of Gate Exam is to test student’s knowledge and understanding of their Undergraduate level subjects in Engineering. Every year lakhs of engineering graduates pass out from universities and engineering colleges.

In the present competitive scenario, measuring and testing the caliber of engineering students is possible only through the GATE Exam.


There is a misconception about GATE Exam that it is only for doing M.E./M.Tech/M.S. from recognized universities and colleges. It is not so. GATE Exam Score is used for the following purposes also:

  • To pursue M.E./M.Tech/M.S. in prestigious colleges like NITs, IITs 7 IISc Bangalore
  • To pursue M.E./M.Tech/M.S. in other recognised colleges and universities with a stipend of Rs 12,400/- per month for 2 years. So parents need not worry about the fees for PG.
  • To pursue PhD in recognized colleges and universities with a stipend for Rs.30,000/- per month
  • GATE qualified candidates are also eligible for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories and CSIR sponsored projects
  • More than 80 PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) like BHEL, ONGC, IOCL, BARC, etc are taking candidates based on their GATE Score only.
  • Using the GATE Exam score students can do their MS at foreign universities like NTU, Singapore, NUS Singapore, Dresden University of Technology, Germany without GRE Score
  • Gate score also accepted in private companies to get a job with decent salary of Rs.50000 to Rs.100000

The number of GATE Exam takers every year (Department wise)

Engineering Branch2019201820172015201420132012
Electronics and Communication Engineering1,25,8701,83,1521,52,3181,72,7142,16,3672,56,1351,76,944
Mechanical Engineering2,34,2271,97,7891,85,7581,85,5781,65,8141,12,320
Computer Science and Information Technology968781,08,4951,15,4251,55,1902,24,1601,56,780
Electrical Engineering1,46,2931,46,2931,25,8511,41,7991,52,3811,10,125
Civil Engineering1,53,0781,29,2251,18,1471,01,42990,872NA NA


 3. Eligibility for GATE Exam: 

Qualifying DegreeQualifying Degree/ Examination (Descriptive)
B.E./ B.Tech/ B.Pharm.4 years after 10+2 Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology/


3 years after B.Sc./ Diploma in Engineering/ Technology and those who are in the final year of these programs

B.Arch5 years Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
B.Sc.(Research)/ B.S4 years after 10+2 Bachelor’s degree in Science


Post Diploma in Science

M.Sc./ M.A./ MCA or equivalentMaster’s degree in any branch of Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Applications or equivalent
Int. M.E/ M.Tech (Post B.Sc.)Post – B.Sc.Integrated Master’s degree programme in Engineering/ Technology (Four-year programme)
Int. M.E./ M.Tech or Dual Degree (after Diploma or 10+2)Integrated Master’s degree programs or Dual Degree programme in Engineering/ Technology (Five-year programme)
Int. M. Sc/ Int. B.S.-M.S.Integrated M.Sc. or Five years integrated B.S.-M.S. programme
Professional Society Examinations (equivalent to B.E/ B.Tech/ B.Arch.)Students registered in courses equivalent to B.E/ B.Tech/ B.Arch from Professional Societies after May 31, 2013 and meets other eligibility criteria are also eligible to apply. There eligibility is subjected to court order as the case is subjudice.


 4. Why GATE online course is the best for GATE preparation?

GATE online coaching is the best tool to prepare for GATE EXAM for the following reasons  

  • GATE Aspirants can access the classes at anytime from anywhere at their comfort one. GATE ONLINE course will help the GATE Aspirants to repeat the classes as per the level of understanding.
  • With the use of GATE Online course candidates need not travel physically to Hyderabad, Chennai or Delhi to attend the IIT faculty’s classes.
  • An important benefit in online course is the candidates need not invest Rs.80,000 or Rs.90,000 to study at Hyderabad and spend another Rs 20,000 on food / accommodation additionally . So parents can save more than a lakh in GATE Preparation for their wards
  • Need not worry about getting home-sick or home-food problems.

One of our students Mr. Rakesh is living at Thanjavur and studying B.Tech (ECE) at SASTRA University had taken our GATE Online course with us in his 3rd and 4th year of engineering. Because he is concentrating in his college studies, he is unable to attend the classroom coaching. One of his relatives suggested him to study at Hyderabad for his GATE Exam preparation after his graduation. He approached us and asked guidance. By our guidance he took our GATE online course in his 3rd year. He completed all subjects in the 3rd year itself.  But he didn’t take online test series. In the final year again he wanted to revise the subjects again to get higher rank. So he took the same GATE Online course in the final year also. He revised all the subjects again and attended the online tests without fail.

In the GATE Exam he got around AIR 4000. He and his mother are very happy for his performance in the GATE Exam. He is sure that he will get M.Tech at NITs. He is waiting to his dream to come true.             

His mother spoke to us after his result that they saved thousands of money in GATE Exam preparation. If he would have gone to Hyderabad for his GATE Preparation, he could have wasted more than a lakh in fees, accommodation and food. His mother said she is grateful to us.    

5. Which is the best gate online coaching institute in Trichy?

 GATEFORUM Trichy is the best gate online coaching institute in Trichy. GATEFORUM TRICHY is providing excellent gate online course to the GATE Aspirants. They are giving 600hrs / 900 hrs of Hyderabad video classes in the students login so that students can access the classes at anytime as per their convenience. The GATE online classes can be viewed in mobile, laptop or tablets also.

GATEFORUM Trichy regular Scholarship Tests

Gateforum Trichy GATE online course has one more advantage is that the candidates can repeat the Hyderabad classes if they didn’t understand in the first time.

6. How to prepare for GATE Exam by GATE Online Course?

GATE Aspirants should see the Gateforum Trichy Gate Online classes regularly for minimum 4 hrs per day.  The candidate has to make a schedule for their gate preparation. They have to schedule 8 to 10 days to complete each subject classes. They can put a chart of the starting and ending date to complete each subject. And the important thing is they should follow the schedule to complete the gate preparation.

If they didn’t understand some point, they repeat the classes and view it one more time. While attending the online classes, candidates have to make notes. After completing the whole gate syllabus, gate aspirants have to go through the notes once again and can make other smaller notes for each subject. They have to write the formulas in a separate note and have to memorize all the formulas.

Why taking GATE Online Test series is important?

Gate aspirants have to start taking GATE Online Tests of GATEFORUM Trichy to analyze their level. Gateforum trichy is providing GATE Online Test Series which consists of 60 Subject wise Tests and 12 Full Syllabus Tests (All India Mock Tests). After completing each subject candidate have to take subject wise test, see the solutions and analyse. Invest at least 2 to 3 hrs for analysing the answers and solutions to know the methodology of problem solving.

Gate aspirants have to start taking Full syllabus Tests from the month of September or October , even they feel they have completed 50 % of gate syllabus. Do not lose hope or stop taking FLTs by seeing the marks in the FLTs. Invest at least 4 to 5 hrs in seeing the solutions and analysing the results and methodology of problem solving

How a baker’s son went to Rolls-Royce?


Mr.Jagadeesh, an average studying boy wanted to get a job for high salary. He is a mechanical engineering student. He studied B.E. at Saranathan Engineering College Trichy. One fine day his father who was working in a bakery and earning Rs.7000/- per month came to our Gateforum Trichy office. Someone told his father that GATE Exam is the only way to get into PSUs.  So he asked the details about GATE Exam and how to prepare for GATE Exam. We gave the information and explained to how prepare for the Exam. We told about our packages for gate preparation that are Classroom coaching, GATE Online Course, GATE study material, GATE online Test Series.  Jagadeesh preferred Classroom coaching and also taken GATE Online Course. We gave GATE online Test Series also to him. He has joined for our GATE coaching in his final year of engineering course.

His father’s wish was to make him join a good company for   a decent salary. So he made his son to join our course. In spite of his financial challenges, Jagadeesh’s father paid the gate coaching fees. He struggled to pay the college fees also. Jagadeesh is an average looking guy. So he had low self-esteem. In the starting time of his GATE Exam preparation, he was not having self confidence on himself to clear the GATE Exam. But the time goes, with our guidance and support, he started getting confidence. He got firm belief that he will clear the GATE Exam.  

Mr.Jagadish’s father was not able to buy a android phone or laptop for his son. But Jagadish had a very strong determination in him that he should clear gate and fulfill his father’s dream. So he attended the online tests in our computer by requesting us. He invested more time in tests to check the solutions and to do the analysis.   He also attended all the classes. He made his friends also to join our course. He took our gate online course also. He used to revise the concepts after the class in the gate online to become strong in the concepts. 

Due to his consistent effort in the gate exam preparation , he cleared the GATE EXAM and got AIR. He got admission for MS at IIT, Madras. He wanted to utilise the opportunity of studying at IIT-M. During his M.S at IIT,M he went to USA, China for his paper presentations. Right now he is working at Rolls-Royce for a monthly salary of more than a lakh. His father and his dream came true with his hardwork and our support.   

Which is the best institute for GATE Coaching in Trichy? 

At Trichy, TRICHY PLUS has taken the franchisee of GATEFORUM from Hyderabad on 2010. From that time, Gateforum Trichy is giving the best results in gate exam consistently.  From Trichy many of our students have placed in PSUs like ONGC, IOCL, BSNL, MDL, etc. Also many students got seat at IITs and NITs by our GATE Preparation courses. Not only that some students have cleared the government technical exams like TNEB, RRB, TNPSC AE, DRDO, etc.   In the year 2017 Gateforum Trichy has produced AIR5, AIR 6 and AIR7 in the GATE EXAM

Gateforum Trichy – TRICHY PLUS provides:

Gate Blog

  • Classroom coaching GATE online Tests
  • GATE Exam study material which contains 10 to 11 books of covering GATE Syllabus.
  • GATE Question bank covering 26+ years of GATE Questions with answers and solutions
  • e-Gate Program (Live GATE Classes from Hyderabad)
  • GATE Online Course (Recorded video lectures)
  • GATE ELP program with G-drive
  • GATE online Test Series consists of 60 Subject wise Tests and 12 Full  syllabus Tests (All India Mock Tests)

 How to prepare for GATE Exam?

Step 1:

  • Know the syllabus of GATE Exam of your concern department
  • For each department, 10 to 12 subjects will be there
  • And note down the topics of the each subject

Step 2: Know the GATE Exam Pattern

GATE 2021 Exam Pattern

Exam Duration3 hours (180 minutes)
Number of Questions65 Questions
Total Marks100 Marks
Type of QuestionsThere will be two types of question

·         Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

·         Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Number of sectionsThree sections –

·         General Aptitude

·         Engineering Mathematics

·         Subject/technical

Marking SchemeFor 1 mark questions, 1/3 mark will be deducted every wrong answer.

2 marks questions, 2/3 mark will be deducted for every incorrect response.

There is no negative marking for Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions

                         GATEFORUM Trichy Classroom

Step 3:

  • Join at a best gate coaching center like GATEFORUM TRICHY either classroom coaching or gate online coaching.
  • Get best gate study material from Gateforum Trichy which covers gate syllabus. Gateforum Trichy is providing 10 to 11 books for each and every subject of gate syllabus. And provides Gate Question Bank of last 26 years gate questions with solutions. In the question bank the questions given subject wise. In the gate question bank more than 5000 gate questions are discussed.

Step 4: Make a study plan

  • Study plan is important for the success in GATE Exam
  • Make a month plan, weekly plan and daily plan
  • Learn the concepts of the subjects with the fullest understanding.
  • Allot 8 to 10 days for each subject to understand the concepts
  • Commit 4 to 5 hrs every day to study the subjects
  • Revise the subjects minimum for 3 to 4 times 
  • Solve at least 40 to 50 questions in each subject
  • Revise the subjects as many times as possible until you are perfect on that
  • The only one method is to practice previous question papers and practice model question papers.
  • Solve as many as problems as possible so that the candidates will have the practice for the GATE Examination
  • Mark important subjects and important question pattern
  • Motivation is most important in GATE Exam preparation. GATEFORUM TRICHY Director Mr.Sivakumar is giving motivation to the GATE Aspirants frequently.
                Mr Sivakumar motivating the students

Step 5 : GATE Online Tests

  • The final and important step in GATE Exam preparation is practicing online Tests
  • Gateforum Trichy is providing Gate online Test series to the gate aspirants to practice the problems
  • They are giving 60 Subject wise Tests and 12 Full syllabus Tests (All India Mock Tests)
  • After the test, candidate can know the marks immediately
  • The solutions for each questions also provided in the login with the tests

 9. How to prepare for GATE Exam for Mechanical engineering?


  1. Know the syllabus: The syllabus of Mechanical Engineering for GATE Exam is,
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Thermo dynamics
  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Strength of Material
  • Theory of machine
  • Vibrations
  • Machine Design
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Science
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • General Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability
  1. GATE Exam Pattern : Knowledge of exam patterns helps the candidate to understand details like mode of examination, number of sections, number of questions, type of questions, marking scheme and much more
  2. Time ManagementAfter understanding the syllabus, it is important that you complete the entire syllabus before time and give ample time for the preparation of every section of the exam. So, make a timetable and follow it religiously.
  3. Important TopicsCandidates should take up the important topics for GATE 2021 ME paper first and complete them. Studying important topics first will make your preparation stronger. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore other topics; the entire syllabus has to be covered
  4. Question Papers and Mock tests – Candidates should practice more and more previous year GATE question papers  as well as mock tests. Practicing previous year papers will help the candidates to understand the level of exam and the type of questions asked in the exam. Similarly, GATE mock tests will help the candidates to get the real feel of the examination and also analyse their performance
Important Books for GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering

Following are some of the important books for GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering paper. Candidates can refer to them for their preparations.

  • Strength of Materials:- B.C. Punamia, Timoshenko, Rama Murtham (any of these but go for Timoshenko when your basics get clear)
  • Thermodynamics:- P.K. Nag, Cengel and Boles
  • Operations Research:- Heera and Gupta, H A Taha, Ravindran &Phillips.
  • Industrial Engg:- Martand Telsang, Buffa&Sarin
  • Fluid Mechanics:- Frank.M.White, K. Subramanya
  • Production Engg:- Kalpika Jain, P.N. Rao, P.C. Sharma, Ghosh & Malik (any one).
  • HMT:- Cengel, J P Holman
  • RAC:- C.P. Arora
  • IC Engine:- V Ganesan
  • Theory of Machines: S.S. Ratan, Ghosh and Mallik
  • Material Science:- W.D. Callister, UC. Jindal, I.P. Singh
  • Machine Design:- Shigley, V.B. Bhandari

 Testimonial :

One of Gateforum Trichy students Mr.Aravind from Mechanical Engineering from Kings College of Engineering, Thanjavur has proved the power of consistent study for GATE Exam. He has joined at our GATEFORUM TRICHY Center in his final year of engineering graduation. He poor family background. His father is a weaver. With an average salary of Rs.10000, his father managed his college fees and made him join for GATE coaching. Inspite of his college studies, Aravind managed to prepare for GATE Exam. He invested 4hrs daily for 6 months in his final semester for GATE Exam preparation. He attended all our classes and studied the concepts again in the gate study material provided by us. He has taken the online tests after October to analyse his performance in the GATE Exam. By his consistent effort in his gate exam preparation, he cleared the GATE Exam and got into NIT,Trichy for his M.Tech. He completed M.Tech without disturbing his parents because he got stipend of Rs.12400/- per month for his gate score, and he placed in AGSI pvt ltd for a month salary of Rs.1lakh    

 10. How to prepare for GATE Exam for Civil Engineering?

Go through the syllabus carefully

Many students simply stick the syllabus on a wall beside the study desk and go from one topic to another as is outlined in the GATE syllabus without giving much thought to it. What the candidate instead needs to do before flagging off preparation is find out whether there is any connection between different chapters, the weight-age carried by the topics, and also the difficulty level of each one of them. Once the candidate knows these things, more practical and effective planning can be done. For example, if a chapter is bulky, yet only a few questions are asked of it, common sense says that it is better to first target less bulky ones with more weight-age.

Check out the exam pattern

Candidates by going through the exam pattern of GATE 2020 will get to know many important details about the exam – like mode of exam, types of questions asked, marking scheme and more. And once you know the make-up of the exam, there are fewer surprises that are likely to confront you on exam day.

GATE 2021 exam pattern for civil engineering

  • The duration of the paper will be 3 hours
  • 65 questions – carrying total 100 marks – will be asked
  • Question type will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions.
  • Marking scheme: MCQs carry negative marks, while NAT questions don’t
  • The question paper has three components – General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Subject-specific part

Put in place a study plan

It will ensure you have all the pieces in place and don’t go around aimlessly. When making the study plan, make room for revision and solving of sample and question papers. Another point is the plan should be actionable. This means you must be realistic about how much time you will need to complete a topic. Also, see to it that the plan covers both short-term and long-term goals. Buy good, easy-to-follow books

The market is flooded with GATE-preparation books by many different writers. But not all are equally good, with some even containing glaring errors, while some are simply not the same level as demanded by GATE 2020. So, you have to be sure about which books you want to buy. A good strategy to follow is to go for books that have earned high ratings from students and are also easy to understand. A big no-no to books with bombastic jargon and over the top explanations. The table below has some suggestions.

Take Gate online test series (All India mock tests)

A month or so from the exam, authorities will start the mock test of GATE, which will be a simulation of the actual exam. You can take the mock test to understand the functionalities of the exam – be it color palette describing the status of questions (answered, unanswered, marked for review), navigation process, etc. The mock tests don’t normally score the candidate. So, if the candidates want to get scored, they may give unofficial mock tests that are available online

Rural student as a Government officer:

Our student Mr.Thandapani civil engineering student from Kongunadu college of engineering and technology has joined for gate coaching in our Gateforun Trichy center. His father is a building contractor. His parents dream was to make him study at NITs. He wrote JEE in his 12th std. That time he got admission at NIT Jabalpur. Because he is the only son, his parents not allowed him to go far away from home. So his parents wanted him to his M.E at NIT Trichy. Thandapani prepared well for the GATE Exam. He practiced for gate exam for 2 years. Due to his hardwork he cleared gate exam and got seat in IITs and NITs.

After got his gate score, he wanted to write IES Exam instead of doing M.E. Due to his parents   compulsion, he joined at Anna University, Chennai for ME through his GATE Score. He got stipend of Rs.12400/- in his PG studies at Anna university, Chennai. Just like that he appeared for TNPSC AE Exam in 2nd year of PG. Because of his effort in gate preparation  and with our support he cleared TNPSC AE Exam and now he is working as a AE in Nagapattinam district.              

 11. How to prepare for GATE Exam for Electrical Engineering?

Subjects for electrical engineering department for GATE Exam

Preparation strategies :

Know the syllabus:The first step towards the preparation of any competitive exam is understanding the syllabus. Mark the chapters and relevant topics in those chapters in your books.

    1. Mark the syllabus from GATE notification.
    2. Mark the syllabus from any coaching institute class notes.
    3. Include the additional topics you discover as you solve the previous year questions.

Study Material: They’ll help you increase speed and accuracy.

  1. Reading the books: Once the syllabus is marked, complete a chapter. Solve the past year problems from that chapter. Highlight the important points and formulae in the book itself.
  2. Solve previous year papers: Solve as many times as possible. Highlight the questions you couldn’t solve in first attempt. Once you have completed the entire syllabus, start solving the complete GATE paper year wise, say for past 10 years.
  3. Revision: Revise on a daily basis. Keep 1–2 subjects on revision (1–2 hrs max per day). You can also keep 1 production or math topic on revision list daily (20–30 mins max).
  4. Test series: Join a test series. You can start giving tests as soon as you complete a subject. Identify the weak areas and work on them. Don’t be discouraged if you are not among the toppers in test series because I never was.
  5. Motivation : Motivation could be what you want to achieve from GATE exam, dream to study in IISc/IITs or a secure job in PSUs. It could be a playlist that lifts your spirit or talking to your parents about your dreams. I often listen to the album “‎Greatest Hits Motivational Speeches by Fearless Motivation ”to motivate myself in the gym. But I’m sure it will help you with studies too. Believe in yourself and make your efforts count

12. How to prepare for GATE Exam for Electronics Engineering?

Create a well-planned schedule

As you begin to prepare for GATE, setting a time table is a must and following it is even more important. This schedule helps a candidate to study the complete syllabus within time and also revise on regular intervals. Including revision after a certain period of time is important as it will help an aspirant to remember previously completed topics and concepts. The schedule should also include solving previous years’ papers and online test series.

Be familiar with the syllabus

GATE 2020 ECE Syllabus is the guiding tool for a candidate’s preparation. Refer to the topics and concepts that are generally covered under Electronics and Communication Engineering exam. A student must analyse the syllabus thoroughly to understand the weight-age of any topic. It will help them prioritize the study topics. However, it doesn’t mean that a few topics can be left. The entire syllabus must be completed in due course of time.

Attempting mock test & sample papers is a must

Every topper suggests that an aspirant must attempt GATE mock test, sample papers or previous years’ question papers. It helps candidates in familiarizing with the GATE 2020 Exam Pattern. Simultaneously, solving GATE previous question papers will edify what candidates have learned, improve their problem-solving skills, and help in finding problem areas that need more focus. Other than this, while solving a previous years’ question paper, candidates can put a timer on. This will help them manage time during the exam.

Refer to the best books

First, it is important to understand what makes a book important to refer to for GATE 2020 preparation. Any book that helps candidates in understanding the concepts without any confusion and have enough questions for practice can be considered best. There will be higher chances of securing more marks if candidates are studying through the appropriate study material from the exam point of view. Following is the topic-wise list of some books that students can refer for GATE 2020 preparation.

13. How to prepare for GATE Exam for Computer Science engineering?

As per the GATE registration data, in 2012, over 1.5 lakh registered for CSE and that reached over 2.2 lakh in 2013 but in 2018 the number dropped to nearly 96,878 (Not even one lakh).

  • Analyze GATE syllabus:Start with analyzing the GATE syllabus. Start divide and Conquer, try to break the syllabus into sub-categories and do the same with each subject further. It will help you to prioritize subjects and important topics in each subject. After doing this, you will get a clear insight into where you stand and how far is left to cover. Analyzing syllabus will also help you to understand about the important subjects and pattern of GATE exam.

  • Follow a schedule :Make a schedule and follow it at any cost, literally. Decide a fixed number of hours for your GATE preparation and complete it daily; remember, consistency is a compulsion here. Maybe print a calendar from starting day to intended course completion day and stick it front of your study table. Every day you completed those hours, mark the date with green pen and do the same with red pen if you missed.
  • Take running notes while studying:Note down the important points in notebook while covering the topics. It will definitely help you in revisions. Decide one day in a week to revise one of your previously completed subjects and use your GATE notes
  • Revise and practice are keys to GATE: After completing each subject, start revising each subject thoroughly. Revise the subject then solve previous year GATE questions and take subject-wise tests. Remember, the only keys to score good AIR is revise and practice more.
  • Take Mock Tests: At this final stage of preparation, practicing quality questions before attempting actual GATE will boost your confidence and improve your problem-solving speed. Questions in these Mock Test resembles with GATE actual questions and will give the GATE aspirants trailer before the Film.

Gate Blog


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