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What will be the paradigm shift in the CLAT Exam? Thanks to COVID-19 the entire legal world needs a strategic shift and lawyers have to align themselves to a new thought process. The questions which arise in our mind are – could China and WHO be penalized for their depravity and ineptitude? Who would bell the cat for this inexorable blunder? Are we legally equipped to tread through this process?

As the health care industry comes down crashing under the brunt of a tsunami of patients, can the legal industry handle the plethora of cases? Would the lawyers be able to defend the clients and the insurance industry as the death rates tick up the exponential curve? Is there a provision in the legal industry to take to task a COVID-19 carrier for knowingly transmitting the virus to unobservant bystanders? Could the act of the Jammats be equated to terrorism or pardoned as an act of fool-hardy?

As people fall sick, would companies have to reformulate their HR policies, renew their contracts on employee compensation for undue absenteeism? How would the lawyers handle cases and compensate the employees for their sweat invested and businesses come down crashing due to recession?

A million questions but very few answers. We at TRICHY PLUS, through our CLAT Exam coaching – the very best coaching center in Tamil Nadu will stretch and transform the minds and equip them to handle such questions. We will buttress them with language skills and bolster their GK and legal aptitude.

Get ready and enroll today for our online coaching and experience a ride that you had never witnessed.

Naanga ready, neenga readiya

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