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Major Strengths of us

Why should You choose our Study in Australia Consultant?

Study Abroad Counselling

Our Consultants are passionate about helping students achieve their dreams of Studying abroad.

Application Process for Study Abroad

We are experts in helping students apply to Foreign Universities.

IELTS Coaching Trichy

Our expert tutors will help you improve your English language skills

Free SOP Guidance

We will provide you with Sample SOPs Guidance and Mock Visa Interview Practice from our Experts.

Abroad Studies Accomodation

We are experts in helping students apply to Foreign Universities.

Student Visa Interview

We’ll walk you through the entire Student Visa Application process, from Start to Finish.

Why Study in Australia?

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World-Class Education: Australia is home to some of the Best Universities in the World, many of which are ranked among the top 100 in Global Rankings.

Affordable Living Costs: The cost of living in Australia is relatively Affordable compared to other popular study destinations such as the USA & UK.

Work opportunities: International students are allowed to work part-time while they study, which can help to offset living costs and gain valuable work experience.

Earning Potential: International students in Australia are allowed to work Part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during their studies and Full-time during their Holidays.

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