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Study Abroad Counselling

FREE Counseling

Our Consultants are passionate about helping students achieve their dreams of Studying Abroad

Application Process for Study Abroad

Universities Shorlisting 


We’ll help you with every step of the International University Application Process, so you can relax and focus on your studies.

IELTS Coaching Trichy

IELTS Coaching

Our expert trainers will help you improve your English Language Proficiency  and Achieve your Dream of studying at a Top International Universities

Free SOP Guidance

Free SOP Guidance

We will provide you with Sample SOPs and Guidance from our Experts.

Abroad Studies Accomodation

Accomodation Guidance

Don’t Worry, we can help you find Affordable Student Housing. We’ve helped Thousands of Students find the Perfect Place to live, and We can do the same for You.

Student Visa Interview

Study VISA Guidance

Our Visa Counsultant Experts can help you with your Student Visa Application from from Beginning to End

Discover the Top Study Abroad Destinations

Study in UK

Study in UK

  • * Study 1 Year Masters Program
  • * Study With/Without IELTS
  • * Tution Fees Starts from 12 Lakhs
Study in USA Consultant

Study in USA

  • * 20,000+ Courses
  • * Robust of Career Opportunities
  • * Flexible Education System
Study in Canada Consultant

Study in Canada

  • * Internationally Recognized Degree
  • * Safe & Friendly Environment
  • * Affordable Tution Fee
Study in Australia Consultant

Study in Australia

  • * More than 20% Students are    International Students
  • * Work for 40hrs per forenight
  • * Safe and Friendly Environement

Study in New Zealand

  • * Affordable Cost of Living
  • * Lower Tution Fees
  • * High ROI
Study in Germany Consultant

Study in Germany

  • * No Tution Fee
  • * Great Job Opportunities
  • * Research Opportunities
Study Abroad Consultant in Trichy

How Our Abroad Education Consultancy Helps You

Training for Standardized International Tests

Individualized Counseling Sessions

Guidance on Shortlisting Best Universities Abroad

Assistance with Applications & Financial Aid

Professional Visa Interview Assistance

Pre-Departure Prep & Orientation


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Study Abroad Common FAQs

  • World-class education system with renowned Universities and Colleges like Harvard, MIT & Purdue.
  • Diverse range of academic programs and specializations
  • Opportunities for research, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. Students receive huge funding for their research.
  • Global networking and career prospects. You will have a global outlook.
  • Rich cultural experiences and exposure.
  • Prestigious universities with a long history of academic excellence. Many Universities boast of having Nobel Prize winners as their alumnus.
  • Wide range of academic disciplines and flexible course structures.
  • Emphasis on research and critical thinking skills
  • Vibrant multicultural society and international student support. Each college has an ambassador program.
  • Gateway to Europe for travel and career opportunities
  • High-quality education institutions and globally recognized degrees
  • Welcoming and inclusive environment for international students. Most preferred destination for stay back options.
  • Ample scholarships and funding options
  • Strong emphasis on research and innovation
  • Excellent post-graduation work opportunities with diverse working options.
  • Internationally recognized degrees and qualifications
  • Diverse and multicultural society
  • High standards of living and student support services
  • Focus on practical, industry-oriented education
  • Thriving research and technology sectors
Sure! The UK offers a wide range of undergraduate programs for Indian students across various disciplines. Renowned universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and many others provide excellent UG programs.
The UK offers diverse UG courses which include Engineering, Business Administration, Computer Science, Medicine, Psychology and Arts. The choice of the best course depends on your interests, career aspirations, and academic strengths.
Seek guidance from TRICHY PLUS (U2CAN) Abroad Education consultants who specialize in UG programs. We will assist you in shortlisting universities, fulfilling application requirements, submitting necessary documents, and preparing for interviews. We will also guide you through the study visa requirements and provide support throughout the process.
Each country has its own study visa requirements. These include: Financial proof, Acceptance letter from a recognized institution, Proof of English language proficiency, and Health insurance. Our study abroad consultants will assist you in understanding and fulfilling the study visa requirements for your desired destination.
Study abroad intakes typically vary from country to country and institution to institution. Major intakes for the year 2023 generally include fall/autumn intakes (September/October) and spring intakes (January/February). TRICHY PLUS will help you plan your study abroad journey according to the intakes available for your desired program and destination.
  • Access to globally recognized medical degrees
  • High-quality education with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Exposure to international medical practices and advancements
  • Opportunities for practical training and clinical exposure
  • Cost-effective options compared to some Indian private medical colleges
Several countries offer excellent medical education options. Popular choices include Malaysia, Moldova, China, Philippines and Georgia.

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