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Spoken English Course

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Spoken English Coaching in Trichy Plus

We Provide Comprehensive Coaching for Spoken English

Language is a powerful tool that allows us to convey our thoughts and ideas to others. Having strong communication skills in the workplace is crucial, as it can greatly impact your professional profile. On the flip side, possessing excellent communication skills can open up numerous opportunities for career advancement in a short period of time. In our diverse society, English acts as a bridge, connecting different sections of society both within our country and internationally. Fluency in English is a prerequisite for lucrative positions in top companies, and individuals with poor English skills often miss out on promising opportunities. People are now expanding their horizons beyond their own nation, and attending Spoken English Classes in Trichy can help you develop fluency in the English language.

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Our Spoken English Coaching Program Covers...

IELTS Listening Task

Listening Skills

  • Focus on Practical Skills: We don’t just teach grammar rules; we help you develop the ability to understand and use English in real-world situations.
  • Experienced and Passionate Coaches: Our team of dedicated instructors is committed to your success and will guide you every step of the way.
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive regular feedback on your progress and tailored guidance to address your specific needs.
IELTS Reading Task

Reading Skills

  • Active Reading Strategies: Learn to engage with texts critically, analyze information, and draw connections between ideas.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Build your vocabulary through targeted exercises and exposure to diverse reading materials.
  • Reading Comprehension Techniques: Master skimming, scanning, and close reading to understand different types of texts effectively.
  • Speed reading methods: Increase your reading speed while maintaining comprehension with proven techniques.
IELTS Writing Task

Writing Skills

  • Writing for Real-World Scenarios: Master practical writing skills for emails, reports, business documents, essays, and creative writing.
  • Grammar and Mechanics: Build a strong foundation in grammar and punctuation for error-free writing.
  • Sentence Structure and Style: Learn to craft impactful sentences, vary sentence length, and build rhythm and flow in your writing.
IELTS Speaking Task

Speaking Skills

  • Conversational Fluency: Hone your ability to engage in natural, effortless conversations on various topics.
  • Pronunciation and Intonation: Speak with clarity and confidence, mastering the rhythm and flow of natural English speech.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Learn to use body language, facial expressions, and vocal variety to enhance your message and connect with your audience.

Basic English Coaching

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to strengthen your foundational English skills, our Basic English Coaching program is designed just for you.

Advanced English Coaching

Ready to elevate your language skills to an advanced level? Our Advanced English Coaching program is designed for those who want to refine their language proficiency and achieve a higher level of fluency.

Meet Our Trainers

Owenita D'Cruz Chief Trainer Trichy Plus
Gayathri Spoken English Trainer
Sarabeshwara English Trainer

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Spoken English

All of us want to speak good English, Don’t we? If we speak good English we will get respect from our colleagues, clients and competitors. Can you use this lock-down period, when economic activity and businesses are down, to improve your business?

Spoken English Classes

You have free time now, why don’t you use this time to prepare. Dr.Bala Balachandar studied in a Tamil medium in a government school in Pudukottai. Till his graduation, he could not speak a word in English but this man worked hard and later became the dean of a number one college in USA – Kellogg’s Business School.

Trichy Plus teaches you excellent Spoken English at a very less price. The motive of this institute is to serve the society. When you join this institute and attend its online classes, you will learn the right English to speak with your colleagues and your clients. You will learn negotiation skills, social skills and email writing also.

We will teach you business presentation skills. When you learn this your business will reach the next level. Students can also join our program and learn interview skills and good communication. Even other people like homemakers can join our course and learn Basic English with which they can speak to their children and their school teachers.

Spoken English

We teach three types of English:

  1. Business English – for executives and businessmen
  2. Interview skills and good communication – students
  3. General English – for homemakers and all others

Join our online course today and have a bright future.

Naanga ready, neenga readiya?

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