spoken english classes

Spoken English Classes

With over 125 million actively English-speaking populations, India is one of the largest countries with English as its official language.  The heated passion towards English in our country keeps rising every day, thanks to globalization and increased employment opportunities abroad.

We, at TRICHY PLUS, have helped this count constantly surge for 23 years. Under the orchestration of the power couple Sivakumar & Savitri, we have produced lakhs of happy students by instilling a love for the language through our Spoken English Classes.

Mind me when I say ‘instill love’ instead of ‘teach the language’ because that has made us stand apart. Amidst the money-conscious herd of umpteen institutions, our pursuit at TRICHY PLUS is in ‘Transforming the Minds’ and shaping a better society.

Our Spoken English Class is one such course that would ease all your jitters regarding the language. We are the sweet XANAX to soothe your English anxieties. In our course, we furnish you and help you to come out of stage-fright through numerous fun activities. I want to stress the word ‘fun’ again because we believe in learning through fun over sedentary classroom experience.

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The Module of our Speak Good English:

The course pays attention to sharpen the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, leaving no stones unturned. Split into parts, the session contains:

1) Vocabulary building – Daily new words are introduced and practiced in the class. An image is associated with every word as psychologically visual memory boosts the learning process.

2) Newspaper Reading – Students read the newspaper, and five headlines are hand-picked to discuss. We do it in class to help the student understand the profound importance of reading a newspaper.

3) Grammar – One can’t take grammar away from a language. Often misconstrued as a boring part, we do various activities to bring the fun back in grammar.

4) Book introduction – Have tortoise-like reading style? Know how difficult words form in a sentence? Finding trouble in sentence patterns? Want to improve your creative skills? Need a stress buster? Five problems one solution. Pick a Book and read. That is why we introduce books from different genres and different authors every day.

5) Speaking activities – What good does it make in a Spoken English class if the teacher speaks all the time? Instead of yawn-inducing lectures, we make sure every student gets enough time to practice speaking in front of others. It is the most fun part of all.

Other than this, we show numerous educative videos from Youtube like TED talks, short films to keep the student motivated. Also, let me tell you the most exciting thing about all this! Every batch gets to see a world-class movie! All the more reasons to immediately sign up!

So, join us in this passionate pursuit to master the language and to shatter your walls of fear and shyness.


Written by:

Mr. Sarabeshwaraa V S

English Language Trainer at TRICHY PLUS

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