CAT Exam New Approach

Preparation for the CAT Verbal section

Stalin on being asked – why USSR (former Russian block) was an iron wall (a place from which no information leaked out) stated –  2 steps backward to move one step forward.

Thanks to Corona, we have certainly moved 2 steps backward. Now that IMF proclaims that recession has set in, can this situation be used as a spring board to catapult oneself one step forward?

I had earlier mentioned that the biggest regret of my life was not reading out bed-time stories to my daughter. Reading allows imagination to percolate into arid areas of the brain which had been lying parched for decades.

Reading is the Rubiks cube that allows you to connect various dimensions right from politics to health to business to religion and culture.

An anecdotal evidence for this would be that ALL, I repeat all the batch-mates of my college who got through into premiere MBA institutions had a common denominator – reading. This is the mandatory foundation required for preparation with the bolstering of the best coaching center.

In my 22 years as a CAT trainer at TRICHY PLUS, the mantra I kept repeating was – reading, reading and reading.

So what should I read? Just read. Anything! even the cover which wraps the peanuts.

So make hay while the sun shines. While the world is regressing 2 steps backward, utilize this opportunity to progress one step forward.

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