The mistake most test takers make while attempting the 2nd question of the Writing Task is they think it is a ‘general essay’ and proceed to give a generic answer. Candidates do not read the questions carefully and start to write whatever comes to their mind. For example, in a question about the need for Solar Energy in the present times, some candidates will go on to write about the definition of Solar Energy and the whole process of converting it into Electrical Energy. THAT’S ABSURD.

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To brush up on the known information, the Writing module of your IELTS Test contains two tasks: The first question asks you to interpret the infographic chart, whereas question 2 demands writing an essay-type answer. In Task – 1, you need to write a minimum of 150 words, and in Task 2, the minimum word count is 250.

In this blog, you will see

  • The official band descriptors for IELTS Writing Task-2
  • In-depth understanding of each of the criteria
  • Clear-cut examples for accurate understanding
  • Additional links and resources


  1. Task Response – 25%
  2. Coherence and Cohesion – 25%
  3. Lexical Resource – 25%
  4. Grammatical range and accuracy – 25%

The chart below shows the official band descriptors for Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 



Task Response

Points to address 

  • You must fully address all parts of the question
  • Fully developed answers are expected in response to the question by the examiner.
  • The ideas you write must be relevant, fully extended, and well supported
  • You must use the correct format

Let’s see an example to understand it better

Look at this question


The first statement talks about the Law protecting old buildings from getting demolished, but the second line brings a new perspective, suggesting the construction of new buildings by ‘knocking down the old ones. In this case, you have to note that there are two questions.

The first question asks you to write about the importance of maintaining ancient buildings, and the last question asks your opinion on whether historical significance should stop modernization. So, including all the points of the question is sufficient to get a good score in the Task Response criteria.

Note – Never jot down general/vague ideas, and never write irrelevant ones.

The important advice is to be clear on the types of questions you can expect in Task – 2.

Some of the main question types you can expect in your IELTS exam are:

  • Opinion types – Asks whether you agree or disagree with the statement; Sometimes, you may need to discuss the sides of the argument and present your opinion.
  • Reason Solution – You need to analyze why a particular problem is happening and present relevant solutions.
  • Advantage Disadvantage – You need to point out the positives and negatives of the given trend; sometimes, you need to state whether there are more advantages than disadvantages.
  • Double questions – Like the example question discussed earlier in the blog, expect two different questions.

Coherence and Cohesion

Points to address 

  • Use paragraphing efficiently and appropriately
  • Each paragraph should have a central topic
  • Sequencing of information and ideas should be logical
  • Appropriate and wide usage of Cohesive devices
  • Clear usage of referencing and substitution

Coherence and Cohesion are nothing but maintaining a logical order and the connection between the various points. During my teaching days, I’ve seen people struggle in this aspect a lot.

Take a cricket match as an example. After the end of the match, you will find a summary card that displays the innings totals, highest scorers, wicket-takers, and the match-winner result at the bottom. If you closely study it, you will find a neat order in the image. The team that batted first would occupy the top position; the top run-getters chart, followed by the opposite team’s highest wicket-takers list in the first box. And below that, you’d find succinct information about the second innings. At the bottom, you can find the final results. Similarly, you should write your answers in a logical sequence, and split paragraphs wherever essential.


Image credits – Fox Cricket

NOTE – You should never write your entire essay in one big chunk of a paragraph. 

In future blogs, we’ll discover more about the functions of cohesive devices and how to split paragraphs accurately.


Points to address 

  • Use a wide range of vocabulary
  • Skilfully use uncommon lexical items
  • Be aware of your style and collocation
  • Note your spelling and word formation

Using a wide range of vocabulary doesn’t mean you have to use supercalifragilisticexpialidocious words. Just kidding! Instead of mugging up hard words from the dictionary, try to improve your knowledge on topics like Education, Environment, Law, Parenting, etc., so that you can have adequate words to express your ideas.

NOTE – Your spelling will also be taken into account. So awaken your inner Spell Bee champions.




Grammatical Range and Accuracy 

Points to address

  • Try to use a wide range of grammatical structures with full flexibility and accuracy
  • Sentences should be error-free
  • Use complex sentences
  • Have good control of punctuation
  • Correct usage of active and passive voices

It’s time to dust off the Wren and Martin books from your bookshelf, as 25% of your Task 2 Writing score is based on your Grammar skills. So try to use error-free rules and accurate tense forms.

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