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Spoken English Online /Offline Classes

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Spoken English Classes Online and Offline

Mr. Nagarajan was an ITI student. He never got a chance to learn English in school. He found it difficult to get jobs because of a lack of exposure. Life was extremely painful.

On hearing about TRICHY PLUS, he came to our center all the way from Karur. Then there was no turning back. He discovered the beauty of Grammar. he mastered pronunciation skills and honed his public speaking ability. He became fluent in Spoken English and now conducts training workshops in many colleges in Tamil Nadu. He is also a business coach and heads an organization of 200 plus people.

You have the same magic hidden in you. You have all the potential to become a champion. Give us a chance to be the catalyst in your life.

Join our Speak Good English course now available online. Training by experts and professionals.

In our Spoken English program, we will provide you with the Best Coaching.

  • We will provide you pronunciation and accent skills – Ms. Savitri is the author of India’s first Neutral Accent CD which is used in many Universities in India, today. She will train you on becoming a master of your pronunciation. After this session, you will be able to talk to your boss, friends, and others with style and elan.
  • We will conduct fluency classes on a daily basis. This Spoken English conversation will make you speak fluently in various situations like – talking to a friend, going to a bank, seeing a doctor, talking to your teacher or boss, etc…
  • We will provide you with the best Vocabulary building technique in the world – Pictalktionary, the brainchild of Mr. Sivakumar. These vocabulary words with meaning are extremely easy to remember and you can use it in any situation with ease.
  • We will conduct the basic elements of English Grammar. These grammar classes and common error correction in English will help you to talk without committing any mistakes.
  • We will train you on English songs, public speaking skills, idioms, and phrases which will make you a very happy, joyful, and confident person.

So, champion arises, awake, and stop not till your goal is reached.

Fresh Online/Offline batches begin

20 sessions, 40 mins

Online Course Fees Rs-3000 only

Register today – call -93643 69058