Crack IELTS in 1st Attempt - 7 Simple and Easy Tips

To Crack  IELTS in 1st Attempt, you must follow these 7 Strategies.

Relax, friends! We the team of @Trichy Plus, are here to clear the doubts and queries you have had about IELTS all this time. We assure that, by end of this, you will have a complete understanding of everything, along with a clear vision of IELTS. 


Consistent practice may not always be sufficient. It is better to work on sample questions, practice tests and official IELTS materials to get an idea of the types of questions you’ll encounter in exam. Consistent practice gives you spontaneity and makes you well-prepared for your IELTS. (For instance, create a proper schedule, use practice books and share your writing and get feedback from the tutor or native speaker)


Spruce your vocabulary by reading materials such as newspapers, books and articles. This will help enhance your writing skills and reading comprehension. Playing word games gives you more knowledge and also may boost your vocabulary . Do check out the given link for learn more vocabularies (For instance, use flashcards, play word games like puzzles or crosswords , you can also use our pictalktionary in our app/website )



Practice listening to videos with various accents, and focus on identifying main points. Take notes on the important points that you understand. (For instance, regularly listen to a podcast or radio show in English for 20-30 minutes)


Use skimming and scanning techniques to identify important ideas and main information reading passages. (For instance, join an online reading club or discussion group to read and discuss articles)


Practice writing essays on various topics, ensuring that your essays have a clear introduction- body-conclusion structure. (For instance, write an essay on a different topic every few days)


Mingling and engaging in continuous and regular conversations in English helps improve speaking style, spontaneity, and confidence, allowing you to speak without stammering. Speaking on various topics also provides a good idea for the speaking section. (For instance, participate in online speaking clubs or group discussions like we conduct group discussions in our institution )


During the exam, it is important not to waste time on a single question. Instead, move on to another question and return to it later. Use your time wisely. (For instance, in writing spend around 20 minutes on task 1 (150 words) and 40 minutes on task 2 (250words) )

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Remember, the IELTS exam assesses your English language skills in real-life scenarios, so focus on improving your overall English proficiency, the consistent practice and preparation are key to perform the IELTS.

In conclusion, this blog has aimed to comprehensively address the nuances of IELTS. From how to understand the format, improve vocabulary, reading strategy, enhance reading skills, time management and so on. We have uncovered some ways regarding IELTS. We want to assure get a clear idea. Every strategy discussed here has been thoroughly chosen to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need. We encourage you to take the time to absorb all that has been shared, as each piece contributes to your grasp of IELTS.

Thank you for investing your valuable time in exploring our blog.

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