Thriller Movies to Inspire you For CLAT Exam

Thriller Movies to Inspire you For CLAT Exam

Legal Thriller or Courtroom Drama is a genre that focuses on crime fiction involving legal complications in the lives of the fictitious characters. The standout feature of this genre is the heated arguments happening between lawyers of high acumen. It is exhilarating to see exceptional actors/actresses engage in intelligent verbal battles to solve cases. 

Preparation for CLAT can get into your nerves, sometimes. It is important not to lose focus on your goal and not to be wayward in your Law entrance coaching. So how to handle such hard times? How to knuckle back down and concentrate on your CLAT course?

Here is a suggestion that none of the Coaching centers for CLAT will ever tell you!

In this blog, we will suggest some nail-biting movies/series that will give you a glimpse of the legal proceedings in the courtroom. 

A Few Good Men


Aaron Sorkin is an Academy Award-winning Screenwriter who has written many edge-of-the-seat dramas such as The Trial of the Chicago 7, Moneyball, Being the Ricardos, A Few Good Men, to name a few. He is also the writer for biographical films of tech giants Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network) and Steve Jobs. Starring a young and charming Tom Cruise and a high and mighty Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Man will keep you engaged till the end! 



A swashbuckling performance from Tom Hanks as an activist fighting hard for his rights, aptly aided by Denzel Washington, this movie is nothing short of a dose of inspiration. 



Acted by the versatile Amitab Bachchan and the seasoned Tapsee Pannu, Pink is a socially conscious film and a need-of-the-hour. The film talks about the universal importance of “consent” and how misogynist men exploit it. The dashing star Ajith Kumar plays the main lead in the Tamil remake of this movie, titled Ner Konda Paarvai. 

Pariyerum Perumal


One of the most politically significant movies of Indian Cinema, Pariyerum Perumal, is the brainchild of Director Mari Selvaraj’s progressive ideologies. Inbred with Ambedkarite Philosophies, the movie is a tight slap to the casteist minds of our society. No other movie can talk about the importance of the Legal System like this one!

Better Call Saul


A six-season spin-off series to the legendary Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is about the criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill and the adversities he faces in his pursuit of opening a successful law firm. Just watch this clip, and you will get hooked to watch the entire series!


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Thriller movies can be an amazing source of inspiration for students preparing for CLAT exam. These movies provide the intense drama, surprise and suspense needed to motivate and excite the learners to make their best effort. As these films are usually based on real-life stories, they can serve as a source of great insight and understanding in the process of understanding the law and its application.

The real-life experiences portrayed in these films help viewers perceive situations differently and think strategically about what course of action needs to be taken in order to achieve success. Furthermore, they also equip law aspirants with essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, analysing complex legal structures etc. which all together prepare them well for the exam.


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