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We would like to introduce our-selves as a management education institution. It was observed that the student community in Trichy needed guidance and direction while climbing up the echelons of life.

TRICHY PLUS was started in 1998 with the prime objective of Transforming Minds. Trichy plus was inaugurated by Mr. JAYASHANKARAN, DIRECTOR, Bharathidasan Institute of Management  (BIM)
To see a transform India where each student is empowered to lead a highly productive live to build a country where the mind is without fear. The head is held high and people lead lives to the fullest potential.

Give a man fish for one day and he will grow without hunger for one day, teach a man to catch fish and he will grow without hunger for the rest of his life.
Every morning we get up we are at war against doubt fear, lack of self esteems and hopelessness. Man can live without water for four days, without air for four minutes and he cannot live without hope for four seconds, our daily mission is to spread hope, belief, passion and rejuvenate every human’s spirit to fulfill its potential.
Directors Message
If you need result for one year,
plant corn.

If you need result for 10 years,
plant trees.

If you need result for 100 years
plant men.

By the end of this decade America will send a man to the moon. The statement of J.F. Kennedy echoed through the entire nation. Skepticism and doubt transformed to belief. There was a paradigm shift from "Why we can’t?" to"How can we?" By the end of the decade (1969) Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon. The same belief and passion reverberates in the corridors and halls of TRICHY PLUS. We are on a mission. Our objective is to transform every human being we come across, and lift them to greater heights.

Newspapers echo the same sentiment. 90% of our graduates are unemployable. Mckinsey report states there will be shortage of half a million IT graduates by 2010. Our former president stated "We are a nation of Billion who think like a million", "Enough is enough". All the time we talk of Abishek Bhachan, Sharukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Ambani, Birla, Tata or Infosys. "Why can’t we be a Sharukh Khan or create our own Infosys?" TRICHY PLUSis on the mission to create an environment for every Jonanthan Livingstone to takeoff. Our vision is to see an India of self respected and value oriented people. Every human has the potential but we need to dig for the gold and equip them for life.
Mrs. Savitri Sivakumar
(Late) V.A.Sathgurunath
Savitiri Shivkumar - Trichy Plus Director Sathgurunath - Director - Trichyplus
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